TS2 Hardware

The TS2 hardware includes:

TS2 Software Application

The TS2 software application includes:

  • Cloud based: Access your business information anywhere, anytime to help you best manage your business… even when you're not there
  • Inventory Management: Manage your entire inventory, including pricing and quantities, and know when to order more.

    “Easily barcode scan it in and easily barcode scan it out.”

  • Loyalty/Rewards: Increase sales by rewarding your customers and encouraging loyal buying behavior.
  • Robust Reporting: From sales to inventory, you can spot trends, gain insights and use analytics to make the best decisions to manage your business
  • Marketing: Email your clients to promote new or additional business and use TechStorm's custom TShop, which displays your products when shoppers in your area search online
  • mPOS: The mobile version of our TS2 solution allows you to process payments through your android cell phone either in the store or anywhere you have cell data coverage. In addition, you can use mPOS as a backup if your Wi-Fi ever goes down
  • Labor Management: Easily keep track of employee hours for improved shift management and payroll processing
  • Receipt Capture: TS2 electronically stores your receipts in the cloud for easy retrieval
  • Accounting integration into QuickBooks*® and others: Sync sales data to save valuable time and ensure accurate numbers by eliminating the need to rekey data
  • Email Alerts: Manage your business more efficiently by automatically receiving a daily alert when inventory gets low

Point Of Sale - Payment Processing

Accept multiple forms of payment

  • Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and Gift Cards
  • “Cost Plus” Pricing: We offer all TechStorm clients “cost plus” pricing allowing our clients the ability to pay actual Visa/MasterCard/Discover interchange plus pricing. Please see actual Visa/MasterCard/Discover interchange on Visa, MasterCard and Discovers websites.
  • Only Two Fixed Fees: Our only two fixed fees are a PCI/Card Data Security fee and a monthly Account fee


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